LUX STYLE AWARDS 2023; Best dressed celebs for the night

LUX STYLE AWARDS 2023; Best dressed celebs for the night

Every year, the Lux Style Awards dazzle the entertainment industry with glitz, glamour, and a celebration of style that leaves us awestruck. While the event itself is a spectacle, one aspect never fails to steal the spotlight – the exquisite fashion choices of our favorite celebrities. The red carpet becomes a runway, and the stars transform into style icons, setting trends that reverberate through the fashion world. In this article, we dive into the sartorial magic of the Lux Style Awards, exploring the best-dressed celebrities who graced the occasion and left an Incredible mark with their stunning attire. From timeless classics to bold and innovative fashion statements, join us as we journey through the fashion highlights of this prestigious event.

Maya Ali

Maya Ali chose for the LSA 2023 the most stunning champagne colored ensemble that looked absolutely magical and elegant, with her hair tied in a bun that complemented her entire look beautifully.

Aima Baig 

Aima Baig looked alluring in a champagne outfit that she opted for the biggest night of the year. Her hair down with light waves and heels added to the look marvelously.

Sanam Saeed and Mohib Mirza

We couldn’t get our eyes off of the lovely couple; Sanam Saeed and Mohib Mirza who certainly went a little unique with their outfits with Sanam donning an absolutely stunning one shoulder dress and Mohib wearing a glittery two-piece suite and a black bow tie.

Sehar Khan

Sehar Khan sure did look like coming straight out of a fairy tale as she donned an absolutely gorgeous white outfit with intricate details. Sehar was surely serving some glamour for the night.

Sunita Marshal and Hassan Ahmed

The power couple Sunita Marshal and Hassan Ahmed served some looks at LSA 2023. With Sunita Marshal opting for a stunning black outfit with embellished shoulder drape, Hassan Ahmed chose to wear a double breast suite looking an absolute gentleman.

Fahad Mustafa

As always Fahad Mustafa yet once again experimented with his looks and we were absolutely loving it. The actor/producer chose to go for a two-piece suite with intricate embellishments on the coat and a uniquely designed dress shirt.

Kaifi Khalil

Just as his voice Kaifi Khalil never fails to impress us with his fashion sense too. Choosing a white two-piece suite with dazzling details on one side of it that complimented the entire vibe of the outfit was surely stood out among the rest.

Saheefa Jabbar

With everyone going for either black or white for the big night, Saheefa Jabbar went a little different opting for a lemon-yellow dress, carrying it elegantly and we couldn’t get our eyes off her.

Usama Khan 

Usama Khan chose to wear a striped two-piece that perfectly suited him and the vibe for the night, looking absolutely charming. We can’t resist to crush on him even more.

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