Behind the Scenes of 'Daadal': An Interview with Rizwan Ali Jafferi

Behind the Scenes of 'Daadal': An Interview with Rizwan Ali Jafferi

Rizwan Ali Jaffri is an up-and-coming Pakistani actor who is garnering attention for his role in the movie "Daadal" alongside Sonya Hussyn and Mohsin Abbas Haider. In this recent interview, Jaffri shared his experience working on the film, which explores the resilience of the Lyari community in Karachi. Jaffri's character in the movie is a feminist in love, and he believes that the movie tells a powerful story that combines both commercial and parallel cinema.


Why this name?

Why not?

What’s your character's unique characteristic in the movie?

Without saying much, he is a feminist in love... 

What was the funniest thing you recall about this shoot?

My paycheck! (Laughs) 

Where were the principal locations for the shoot? Do you recall the toughest one?

The principal location was Lyari, and the toughest one was somewhere deep inside after crossing Malir in a Goth. Moreover, getting back from the shoot in the middle of the night was daunting. 

Why should people watch this movie on Eid?

It's a powerful subject, a story told in an entertaining fashion, making it a unique mix of commercial and parallel cinema. And of course, it has Sonya Hussyn and me as the leads. (Smiles) 

The one word you would use to define Lyari?


Don’t you think Karachi is already labeled as a city of target killers? Why propagate the same?

It's a story told with different facets, with nothing but empowerment and ultimate justice being propagated. Although a visual medium such as this gets its inspiration from the society we live in until we are making a fantasy-based story.

Any message you want to give to your fans?

This is a must-watch. I want you all to see it over Eid and tell me how you liked it - looking forward to your love and feedback.