Escape the Heat | Discover the Northern Beauty of Pakistan

Escape the Heat | Discover the Northern Beauty of Pakistan

As summer temperatures soar, escaping the sweltering heat becomes a top priority. Pakistan's northern regions offer the perfect refuge with their cool climate and breathtaking landscapes. Here's a quick guide on how to plan your getaway to these serene havens:

1. Choose Your Destination:

Northern Pakistan boasts several scenic spots, including Hunza Valley, Skardu, Swat, and Naran Kaghan. Each destination offers unique attractions, from majestic mountains to crystal-clear lakes.

2. Travel Options:

The quickest way to reach the north is by air. Flights from major cities like Islamabad to Gilgit, Skardu, and Chitral are available. Alternatively, you can embark on a road trip, enjoying the stunning Karakoram Highway.

3. Accommodation:

A range of options caters to all budgets, from luxurious resorts to cozy guesthouses. Book in advance, especially during peak summer months, to secure the best spots.

4. Activities:

Immerse yourself in nature with activities like trekking, hiking, and exploring ancient forts. Don’t miss the chance to witness the iconic Attabad Lake and the serene Fairy Meadows.

5. Local Cuisine:

Relish the local flavours, including the famous Hunza apricots, trout fish, and traditional Balti dishes. 

6. Pack Smart:

While the north offers a cooler climate, pack layers to adjust to varying temperatures, especially for higher altitudes.

By planning a trip to northern Pakistan, you can enjoy a refreshing escape from the heat and experience some of the country's most stunning natural beauty.

Photos: Courtesy Basit Ali

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