Inside Faiza Shaikh's Art Gallery Home

Inside Faiza Shaikh's Art Gallery Home

A day with Faiza Shaikh in her studio has us revisiting our definition of art. According to her, art isn't a painting or a piece that is material and therefore, tangible. It isn't a pursuit, a passion or an ambition either. It is an inspiration - either you are born an artist or you aren't.

Additionally, she believes that art is not a competitive discipline made to be compared and therefore it would be not be justified under any circumstance to compare a Picasso to a 74 Monnet.

Her source of inspiration isn't limited, however. A major part of it arises from world events where you can see human beings working together to solve a problem. This is interesting to note because such an action transcends religion, caste, creed and colour and benefits the race as a whole. According to her, it is important if not necessary for art to question its viewer, evoke an intellectual challenge that remains unanswered and of course create awareness in society.



Summarising her opinion in a single sentence, Faiza Shaikh claims,

"Inspiration for me is always from within. It is the voice of your heart and soul that compels you to paint and to share that inner inspiration and thought with the world. Every painting is a part of my soul and I hope it’s special for others too."


As we wander through her beautiful home - do tell us if she is successful in leaving you wanting for more!


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