Relive the 1992 World Cup with Tapmad's original 'Cornered Tigers'

Relive the 1992 World Cup with Tapmad's original 'Cornered Tigers'

Cricket might not be the national game of Pakistan but it is undoubtedly the most followed sport in the country. And in 1992, Pakistan managed to show the world that they are the best by winning the Cricket World Cup for the first time. Tapmad Entertainment has announced to release their documentary ‘Cornered Tigers’ on 13th July where they will document the comments of most of the players who were part of the memorable victory.

The trailer of the documentary suggests that it will be a fun filled event where yesteryear stars will relive the moment, they managed to rule the world. Directed by Adnan Sarwar and produced by Nina Kashif, this docuseries not only offers a rare and insightful glimpse into the historic triumph that forever changed the landscape of Pakistani cricket but also uses the relevant footage of the matches discussed by the stars.

Not only does the Man of the Finals Wasim Akram feature in the trailer where he gets to tell the tale of his wickets in the final, but there is also Javed Miandad who managed to score match-winning half centuries in the semifinal and the final. The trailer of the docu series wouldn't have been complete without Mushtaq Ahmed's views who came into the side late but bamboozled all batsmen he bowled to; the same goes for Moin Khan whose cameo in the semifinal was instrumental in Pakistan qualifying for the grand finale.

The people who were growing up in the 90s can still recall the matches that Pakistan played, won or lost but the current generation has little idea how difficult it was for Imran Khan's lads to come back into the tournament and clinch the trophy. This documentary will take those viewers down the lane where the members of the 1992 team would share their experiences for the first time. 

From the early struggles by the team to the triumph in the final, everything gets mentioned here. While players like Inzamam ul Haq and Ejaz Ahmed mentioned Imran Khan for his leadership in the grand finale, the rest talk about how the skipper managed to boost their morale ahead of the match in this trailer. Viewers would be able to witness the team's determination, resilience, and extraordinary camaraderie, while going through the documentary that would be released on OTT application Tapmad in a week’s time. 

Although there is no mention of Rameez Raja, Salim Malik, Iqbal Sikandar and Wasim Haider in the trailer, one hopes that their comments will also be in the documentary and people would be able to get their point of views as well. After all, it was Rameez Raja’s century that heralded Pakistan into the last four, whereas had Salim Malik not thrown the ball from the deep in the final, Pakistan might have been in deep trouble!

If you are a Cricket enthusiast who believes that Pakistan will return to top of the world again, watch the trailer of Cornered Tigers. Its release date is also very interesting since in a few months, the World Cup will be taking place in India and if Babar Azam captains the side courageously, who knows he might be able to emulate Imran Khan.