Some occasions give you the opportunity to look around at the incredible women that inspire us (team-mates), women who empower us every single day (mothers/ wives), stand by us no matter what (best friends), and celebrate every little moment with us (sisters) – and to make them feel special - especially on the occasion of women's day. But gift shopping can be tough as, sooner or later, everyone runs out of gift-buying ideas, and it gets tricky to pick that perfect gift for your favorite one.

What if we tell you that something homemade is always the best. And there’s something you can make whether you are a talented artist, baker, crafter, or artist. Making gifts yourself shows how special the receiver is because you’ve invested your time and energy into creating something just for them.

Unique gift ideas like scented-candles, handmade cards, self-care kits, or DIY projects are ridiculously affordable and are one-of-a-kind from your heart. HELLO! has gathered a list of our favorites that will make some excellent gifts for your loved ones. Check out these gift guides to find the perfect gift.

Homemade Candles

The homemade candle DIY makes an excellent gift for almost anyone! A gift that adds a sense of warmth, light, and coziness into your loved one's life - it also helps with stress and anxiety. Just take wax flakes and essential oils of your choice, melt and store the wax in a jar, and Voila! Your candle is all ready to light up the sense of peaceful calm. Also, the candles can completely be customized into any colour of your choice.

DIY Marbled Jewelry Dish 

This DIY project is perfect for keeping rings and other jewelry items. Take colourful clay, put the clay pieces together, roll it out on a covered surface and bake it to make exquisite jewelry dishes. For a specific shape, use a cookie cutter such as a star or heart. 

Mini Pallet Coasters

These DIY mini wooden pallets can be turned into cute decor for our house and make perfect gifts as well! All you need is a glue gun or super glue, scissors, and a lot of popsicle sticks - forming wooden coasters is that easy! The pallet can now be stained or painted depending on your friend or mother's preferences.

Decorative Sign

This is a fun activity that also makes an ideal gift. Personalize your wall decor for kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms with these simple yet elegant do-it-yourself decorative signs (a simple way to make your mom happy). All you need is your paints, chalks, scrap wood, or canvas, anything that you prefer, and if you have everything needed to make the sign at home, these DIY wooden signs cost nothing! 

Snack Basket

Every time is snack time, and that is why this DIY snack basket full of Cheetos, M&M, and baked cookies is the perfect gift because everyone appreciates a good snack assortment. It is also a great gift for any occasion; Birthdays? Check. Bridal shower? Check. Anniversary? Check.

Bath Bombs DIY

Chances are, your best girl could always use a little pampering. Give her everything she needs to unwind with this sweet gift box, complete with bath salts, a handmade card, a bar of chocolate, and more. Learn to make fizzy bath bombs at home - you'll need baking soda, citric acid, Epsom salt, cornstarch, coloring pigment, essential oils, and bath bomb molds. Give your bestie a spa-like experience with a little touch of love. 

String Art Project

The sweetest gift you can make with the help of pins and thread, this art project is easy to do. The craft itself is versatile; requires very few and inexpensive materials but adds personality to your wall and makes your loved one feel appreciated. Things you will need, Piece of wood, nails, floss/ thread, tape, and a hammer. 

DIY Mason Jars

A little spray paint goes a long way into transforming these plain glass jars into the present. A repurposed jar can be a perfect mini vessel for office supplies and small plants and succulents! All you need is some mason jars, paints, glitter, and gold. 

DIY Lip Balm

For the beauty-fanatic in your life, create and gift a set of handmade lip balms. The best part about DIY beauty products? They’re guaranteed to keep lips hydrated, can be made with your friend or sister's favorite flavor and color combinations! All you need to make the DIY lip balm is beeswax pellets, shea butter, coconut oil, or other oil of your choice, colour pigments, and essential oil.

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