Shehzad Roy's New Music Video Questions Pakistan's Education System

Shehzad Roy has become the lead example of how you can use popularity to take responsibility of social issues. Criticising rote memorisation tactics induced by Pakistan’s matriculation system, he has officiated a new campaign through the release of an eye opening yet amusing video.

The campaign focuses on encouraging students to develop critical thinking skills by asking questions rather than shutting their questions down. The video sheds light on the all-important topic from a humourous perspective, featuring old ninja’s, Desi Hulks, super moms and Maula Jutts.

Within a few minutes of the upload, the video received an overwhelming response on social media with more than 20,000 shares and a flood of comments all supporting the initiative.

Many famous journalists including Meher Bokhari, Kashif Abbasi and Shahzeb Khanzada took to Twitter to support the musician in his new undertaking by appreciating Roy’s efforts and agreeing with his ideology.

In a reply to Shehzad Roy’s tweet Khanzada wrote,

“I agree...Ratta system needs to be replaced...Have studied in the same system and I can relate to it..Commendable efforts by you”.

Social media activist, Hamza Ali Abbasi, wasn’t late in joining the bandwagon as he reinforced his fellow artist’s conception in a Facebook post.

“Please join Shehzad Roy in raising voice against the "Ratta" system which has destroyed our education system. This plague of "Ratta" is killing the thinking ability of our students and render them incapable of asking questions and actually learn something instead of pointless memorisation of books”, he said.

Roy has previously prompted many educational issues to come to the forefront. He is the president and founder of Zindagi Trust, a non-government charitable organisation which strives to improve the quality of education available to the average Pakistani.

Shehzad also produced and hosted 2 documentary series, Chal Parha, about the state of public education in Pakistan.