'Rj’s Pret'

'Rj’s Pret'

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Every culture around the world has its own identity which includes traditions, clothing and even delicious cuisines. These are certain ways through which we can recognize distinct cultures and appreciate their uniqueness. One country with a rich and exemplary culture is Pakistan. Its culture is incorporated with centuries-old traditions, cuisines and most importantly, its clothing.

 The national apparel of Pakistan is shalwar kameez. What started off as a simply #modest attire has now taken many different shapes and forms. Shalwar kameez is not as conventional as it used to be. It has evolved with time and become even more beautiful than its former self.
Women in Pakistan love to wear shalwar kameez. They appreciate its charm and are always adorning the latest shalwar kameez trends and designs. In order to buy these latest styles of shalwar kameez, they go to their favourite clothing brands. A brand that I would like to talk about is Rj’s Pret.
Rj’s Pret is a local Pakistani brand which was established in 2018. The brand started off by designing casual and semi-formal clothes for their own friends and family members with eventually venturing out to making Pret wear for the Pakistani women in general.

There is an extensive range of products at Rj’s Pret for you to choose from. They have a beauteous collection of weddings range, formal wear, luxury Pret, daily wear, single pieces and accessories, to go perfectly with their clothing items. 
Without good customer support and service, a brand can only go so far. At Rj’s Pret, there is free shipping of products, 24/7 customer support service, and world-wide priority service which customers can avail if they are facing any kind of issues.

The formal collection at Rj’s Pret consists mainly of dresses which can be worn at large-scale events like weddings or grand family dinners. They are handcrafted, intricately worked, fancy and have vivid colour schemes. You will find the price range of these dresses to be somewhere between Rs 9500 to up to Rs 250,000. 

Luxury Pret collections at Rj’s Pret are available in many different colours. They are meant to be worn at relatively smaller-scale events which can include Eid, or an intimate family gathering. The price of these can be found to be in the range of Rs 7000 to Rs 60,000. In this price range, the styles and designs being offered can be a pretty good value-for-money purchase for you.


The ready to wear collection at Rj’s Pret consists of every item which is stitched and ready to be worn by the customers. You would only have to place your order according to your size and the dress will arrive at your doorstep within 4-6 days. The prices of these will depend on the collection they belong to. If your selected ready to wear item is from the formals then it will cost accordingly whereas if your purchase is from the luxury pret collection then it will have a corresponding price. 

The single pieces at Rj’s Pret are trendy and budget friendly products. There is a wide range of clothing items in the single pieces collection which includes bottoms, dupatta, stole, shirts and tops. Their designs are an accurate representation of the current clothing designs. Their basic price range is between Rs 2450 to Rs 16,850. 
Every brand has a target audience, a set of people that they are wanting to sell their products to. In case of Rj’s Pret, the target audience are women from various walks of life in various parts of the world. They may be requiring it for their special wedding day, mehndi festivities, shaadi outfits, Eid or other festive events outfits or may be for daily home or office-wear you will find everything what you are looking for which is economical yet trendy. Their products are well designed, top of the line materials and offer inclusivity to different kinds of buyers. Some women like to wear clothes that are brightly coloured and have embroideries and laces on them whereas others just want a minimalist kind of dress style for themselves. Rj’s Pret offers products for all of these different kinds of buyers. 
In addition to the extensive collection of clothing, Rj’s Pret is offering multiple secure payment options i.e., COD, Credit Card (STRIPE), PayPal, multiple instalment options via Klarna, Qisst Pay, and Sezzle on one of the most reliable e-commerce cloud hosting platforms by Grid Hosting Limited, United Kingdom. 
To make the best purchase for yourself, it is a good idea to thoroughly check out all products by  Rj’s Pret. This will enable you to make the right decision and help you get the perfect Pakistani outfit for yourself! 

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